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The ePowerBay team is a pioneer in e-commerce of renewable energy projects and tool analysis in Brazil.

With years of experience in the development and analysis of renewable energy projects and an excellent know-how about deploying information systems, our team has built a practical and efficient online platform, for the announcement and analysis of power generation systems, where developers, investors and service providers can connect to each other and create new business opportunities.



Working with the analysis of meteorological data and then the development of Wind and solar projects was the beginning of the experience in the energy market. With the accumulation of knowledge and research domain of the Brazilian energy sector with government entities, a phase of technical and financial analysis of energy projects began.


It was identified that in the Brazilian energy sector it was any helpful tool that could make the decision making of energy marketers easier. With this scenery, it was designed a tool that could facilitate the exchange of information between all those involved in power generation systems.

The renewable energy project announcement platform was created in parallel with the largest database of the Brazilian energy market so that the investor, seller and the service provider have the essential information for their decision making in creating new opportunities.

Connect all companies involved in the development of renewable energy projects so they market their products more efficiently.
ePowerBay wants to simplify a negotiation between the developer, the buyer and the service provider of Renewable Energy. We want that as negotiations take place safely and efficiently, increasing the speed of information exchange dynamically.
To Be the Main Platform of Renewable Energy  in Brazil
This is our direction. We will work so that all those involved in renewable energy generation projects are connected and can create new business opportunities, and thus, build a clean and diversified energy matrix for Brazil.
Efficiency, Innovation, Confidentiality, Commitment, Responsibility, Ethics, Pioneering.
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