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Market Place of

Renewable Energy Projects

Sell Your Project on the Fastest Way

and Spending Less Money

There is a big variety of possible buyers/investors who might be interested in your project. ePowerBay brings all of the big companies, developers, small and medium companies, national and international investors in one only place, providing the highest visibility to your business. The platform is important for you networking expansion, getting you connected to investors, financiers, developers, advisors and service providers.

The essential for a renewable energy project being reliable and efficient is a high quality service. ePowerBay works in cooperation with service providers and suppliers so they can properly offer their services for the developers. The market place allows the services and technologies announcements identifying potential clients and creating new business opportunities.

Who Do We Serve?


Advertise your projects in a practical and fast way. There is lots type of buyers, so ePowerBay is going to connect you with potential investors according to their needs. Expand your networking trough the platform.

Find the best opportunity for your investment. The analysis tools will help you on your decision-making. ePowerBay has the biggest Brazilian renewable energy projects.

Service Providers

Locate opportunities for your business. Announce your services directly to the projects developers through our announcing programs. Support your client in an effective way.

Como Funciona

How ePowerBay Works

ePowerBay is an e-commerce platform of renewable energy projects.

The user is connected with buyers, investors, financiers and service providers from energy market.

The platform has a database with almost 8.000 projects and 300 GW total power, in addition to tools with many resources that help the user on the decision-making.

Find the
Ideal Buyer

Find the most qualified buyer for your project

Find the
best project

Develop your business with the market place and the analysis tools

Access the
Brazilian Market

Use the best analysis tolls with the biggest Brazilian energy market database.

Business Inteligence

The ePowerBay has a database of all Brazilian renewable energy projects, information about Substations, wind and solar irradiation analysis and other useful tools for your opportunities searches in energy market.

Access almost 8.000 projects and 300 GW

total power

Information about all Brazilian Substation connected on the SIN

Solar irradiation analysis tool, wind tendency and other resources

Get access to most important energy market information, with wind farms history operation, solar irradiation analysis tool, with indication of irradiation and factor capacity.

For your project success, ePowerBay brings you the essential about all Brazilian Substations with some resources that brings you the closest energy projects and substations from the location of interest.

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