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Wind Turbine Global Market: Brazil and Finland

Wind Energy 2018

Renewable Energy Sources are increasing all around the world with new policies and technologies available and wind source is one of the most growing up technologies. According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) 46.82 GW of new wind power plants were built in 2018, 4.6% less when we compare it with 2017 (48.99 GW).

The leader in new installed capacity is China with 21.1 GW followed by USA with 7.6 GW, Germany with 2.4 GW, India with 2.2 GW and Brazil with 1.9 GW in the Onshore market, according to the following picture from GWEC.

The Wind Power Monthly made a research about the Wind Turbine Market in 2018 and ePowerBay team made a study comparing the global market with two opposite countries: Brazil and Finland.

The data from Brazil is according to information published by the Electrical Energy Agency Regulator called ANEEL and compiled and treated by ePowerBay. Data from Finland is according to Finish Wind Power Association

Global Market Share

Vestas Wind Systems from Denmark is responsible for 20.3% of all wind capacity installed in the world. Goldwind from China is the second largest manufacturer with 13.8% but its wind turbines are mainly in China. Siemens Gamesa, the German and Spanish joint venture was responsible for 12.4% of the global market share and the US company GE Renewable Energy was the fourth largest wind turbine manufacturer with 9.8% of the global market.

The Goldwind manufacturer is highly dependent on the Chinese market, finishing 2018 with 27% of the market share and this situation is pretty much the same for all other Chinese wind turbine manufacturer.

To change this situation Goldwind is trying to expand business and they are signing contracts in America and Oceania. In 2018 Goldwind signed contract to supply 242 wind turbines in South and North-East regions in Brazil.

Comparison of Local Market: Brazil x Finland

The world leader Vestas has business in both countries but has a higher share market in Finland with 52% of the market and only 10% of Brazil market. This fact is pretty related with the fact that Vestas in from Denmark, much closer to Finland then to Brazil so the logistic is less complex and the turbines were developed to face the weather condition of the Nordic Countries.

With the joint venture between the German Siemens and the Spanish Gamesa, now the Siemens Gamesa company is the third largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world, having operating wind farms in Brazil and Finland.

Another important joint venture in the wind power sector was also German/Spanish one between Nordex and Acciona, now called Nordex Acciona. It is the second largest wind turbine supplier in Finland with 23% of the installed capacity share and the fifth in Brazil with 9% of the market share.

The largest wind turbine manufacturer in Brazil is GE Renewable Energy with 5.2 GW and 36% of the market share but it has no wind turbines in Finland, only the Alstom machines (2%) (the French manufacturer was acquired by GE in 2015).

Enercon, the largest manufacturer in Germany, has wind turbines working in both countries being the fourth largest wind turbine supplier in Brazil with 11% of the market but with the small share of 3% in Finland.

Evolution of the Installed Capacity

Brazil wind power market started very slowly and with the governmental incentives through financing and energy auctions/tenders, the boom of the sector started in 2013 when it had around 3.5 GW of installed capacity and rapidly reached 14.8 GW in 2018.

In Finland the wind sector also started slow, and boom came in the same year as Brazil, but with a much smaller power output. The sector will increase a lot on the next years with the share of emission-free reaching 50% by 2030 with the planning for the New National Climate & Energy Strategy, with auction based for renewable sources. In 2018 the wind energy generation reached 2,0 GW.

If you want to download this study, click here.

The ePowerBay platform was made to support companies interested on the Brazilian Renewable Energy Market and help the growing up of the sector, providing precise information about the companies, projects and events such as energy auctions/tenders, so the companies can have an efficient and transparent negotiation.

We believe that these resources can help the companies in the decision making and decrease the initial costs of the analysis.

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