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On 12/15/2017, the auction 02/2017 will be held for public bidding and concession of transmission, which includes construction, operation and maintenance of the installations of the national interconnected system.

The announcement 02/2017-ANEEL (PROCESS nº 48500.002436 / 2017-85) determines the guidelines of the auction. This auction will be of great importance for the projects registered for the A-6 generation auction dispute. A large part of the wind projects that were not qualified for the A-4 auction, suffered due to the limitation of energy flow, so the success in the concession of the lots will be of great importance. In the A-6 auction, 1092 projects were registered, with 87% of these wind farms (953) totaling 26.6 GW.

The ePowerBay team conducted a series of analyzes on the announcement to assist the Agents and provide insights to better understand the various scenarios.

In all, 11 lots will be tendered in 9 states and the estimated investments for works according to ANEEL are of the order of 8.7 billion. The RAP (Annual Allowable Revenue) sum of this lots will have the maximum value of 1.5 billion.

According to the system of the auction, it will be a winner who present the lowest RAP for each of the lots offered. It will be offered 27 Transmission Lines (7,353.9 km) and 14 substations (11,790 MVA).

The most important Lots for wind projects are located in the Northeast and Paraná.

The following table shows a summary of the information for all 11 lots.

(1) The amounts referring to the studies of the object of this Lot are allocated in Concession Agreement No. 006/2017 - ANEEL

The following are the necessary works for each of these main lots and their geographical locations. The Google Earth files and spreadsheets used for these studies are available in our site. (

The schedule of events was announced, the Registration will be on December 6th from 8am to 2pm the following day. The proposal guarantee contribution will be from 08:00 to 16:00 on the following. The public session of the auction will take place at the headquarters of B3, a company resulting from the merger between BM & FBOVESPA and Cetip, at Rua XV de Novembro nº 275 centro de São Paulo. The concession contracts will be signed on March 09, 2018.


Considering the last 3 auctions held, it has been observed the resumption of the interest of investors in the Transmission sector. It appears that the number of proposed lots and lots with disputes are increasing and the discount in the RAPs is increasing.

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